Camp Abilities in Brockport, NY


Day 4 and our journey biking the Erie Canal has already covered over 100 miles. John Robinson and his crew (family and friends) wear their blisters, bumps and burns proudly, a hallmark of all the hours spent in the saddle.

John’s youngest son Owen has been my favorite helper. He’s the first to volunteer to attach one of my mini-cameras to his handlebars and keep track of the battery. He asks for nothing but ice cream in return, which is easy to find in the adorable port towns we finish in.

But this journey is about more than peddling an old mule tow path and savoring gelato.

The goal is to raise awareness for adaptive sports and empower people with disabilities. Robinson accomplished just that this week meeting with the young campers of “Camp Abilities”, a get-away retreat at the University of New York in Brockport.

Watch this video I shot and edited to learn more: CAMP ABILITIES