A Welcoming Party for Local Paralympian


Team USA Paralympian Ryan Chalmers is home!

Thursday evening, the city of Rochester gathered at Frontier Field to congratulate the 24-year-old’s daring accomplishment. As luck would have it, John Robinson and Doug Hamlin, hurried along the Erie Canal today so they too could attend the event and, in John’s case, emcee as well.

Chalmers’ campaign called Push Across America took 71 days aboard a super durable racing chair. He left L.A. on April 9th and arrived in NYC on June 15th completing just over 3,300-miles. The trip wasn’t without its difficulties but Chalmers stayed strong and biked roughly 60 miles a day to finish in record time.

Born with spina bifida, Chalmers has never known what it’s like to walk but that hasn’t slowed his ambitions. He said “no matter how big or small everyone has a reason why they work so hard to complete a goal”. Watch this DAY 5 VIDEO to find out what his goal was.