Chalk Art and Stormy Cocktails

Photo by Esha Samajpati. © All rights reserved

Memorial Day Weekend started out dark and stormy but then the clouds gave way to sun and shine. We grilled and brunched with friends, and made colorful chalk drawings in front of the garage with our son. That’s not all we did, we also planned kid-friendly hikes and tried to narrow down on a sturdy back-pack type child carrier. After we were done dabbling in street art, we proceeded to prepare a batch of Dark and Stormy (taking a cue from the recent weather) from this blog called Dinner: A Love Story.

Let me tell you a little about the blog. It’s about a couple with two kids and a dog, and how in spite of crazy schedules, soccer matches, mismatched uniforms, homework and what not, the four of them sit down to home-cooked meals almost every day of the week. Sweet, isn’t it? By the way, take-outs and frozen dinners are not frowned upon. Ever. It has simple dinner ideas and it never promises this oft-repeated lie “your kids will love it.” And might I add that this is a family where both husband and wife spend time in the kitchen. You will not find any apron-donning, cake-baking, domestic goddess persona in the pages.

It’s a blog I turn to when I am staring at a mass of tightly wrapped chicken with no idea as to how to make it edible, and toddler-friendly. I hit the Love Story bookmark on my screen when I feel like I need to add some new words and pictures to our well worn-out board book collection. The duo who write for the blog are in the publishing business and they have a special section for children’s books. The reviews are often by the kids themselves, which is how it should be, right? But best of all, I turn to this blog when I need a pick-me-upper. It is a heartening love story, and a feel-good one at that.

So back to the drink we made using their recipe, it was good, so good that it has secured a permanent place in our cocktail rotation.

Happy Summer, everyone!