It is Almost Time to Head out to Nepal

It is that time again, when it feels like war. I would be leaving station soon to go to Nepal. The idea is to try and trek through the Annapurna Circuit. Due to my work commitments I could not take leave earlier. So let us see how the monsoon treats me. But then I am not made of salt and I will not melt away due to rains. I have to admit I do not like too much rains on a trek, so monsoon gods do be kind to me and do not send many leeches my way.


Fresh as Flowers

I usually come back from a trek really fresh, so I hope this time also it would be the same. Whether I complete the trek or not is up to the mountains! I have given up treks mid way before and if health demands it, I will do it again.

But before I leave all the work that was hiding in 36 different corners have come out to haunt me again. Nothing is packed as usual and a lot needs to be done before I leave the station, so the war is on.