Sky Watch Friday- Manang, Nepal

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Walking in the valleys of Nepal is such a pleasure. This time there were too much rains (just look at the sky in the picture) which hid the views. But even then trekking in Nepal is incredibly beautiful. Look at the picture and imagine what it would have been like if the clouds were not there!

Manang, Nepal

Manang, Nepal

You cross Manang as part of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. There is a bike track (in good weather, it was washed away while we were coming down) so you need not necessarily trek till there. You can take a bike too. There are jeeps till Chame in good weather as well. Annapurna Circuit Trek like the Everest Base Camp Trek is also a tea house trek as you can stay at lodges and get food easily. But all the days that I got to spend in Manang, it just rained. For my next trek I am going to be more careful about the monsoon.

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