Not Cancelling my Travel Plans for Uttarakhand

My trip to Te Aroha at Dhanachuli (on invitation) was fixed even before I headed to Nepal. And then in Nepal I heard about the devastation at Kedarnath and in Uttarakhand. Even till date I have not been able to watch any visuals from the region apart from the passing images I saw on news channels. Whatever I saw disturbed me deeply.

So when the time came to review the plans for my visit to Dhanachuli I asked the hotel about their opinion. They said the roads were open and even though there was some rain there was nothing much which would warrant a cancellation but they left the final decision to me.



For the first time in my life I looked at Google Earth to see how the region looked like, not that I could tell much by looking at it! But it certainly looked very different from the affected areas. Then there was the task of convincing the family. Surprisingly they agreed quite quickly. So by the time you read this I would be already at Te Aroha, Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand as this is a scheduled post. The hotel is located in a small village and does not have a wifi hence the need to schedule posts!

There has been so much news about cancellations and I do not wish to follow the same path as I am traveling to a region in Uttarakhand that is not directly affected. Travel has given me so much, this is one small bit that I thought I would do. I would be back late on Monday and will of course talk much more about my Uttarakhand tales then!

If you have travel plans for Uttarakhand for an unaffected region, please consider before you cancel them.