The Garuda Indonesia World Photography Contest

If you have been browsing through this blog you may guess that I love taking pictures. I simply truly love taking pictures and I enjoy it so much more because this is the only creative streak I have ever shown in my life.

And yet if you ask me to take part in a photo competition I develop cold feet. As soon as I start browsing through a competition site, all my confidence (which is very little to begin with) evaporates. The pictures submitted are usually so stunning that I just go away without submitting anything. Did that ever happen to you?

So when I came across the Garuda Indonesia World Photography Contest I was once again thinking of running away, after looking at the photos submitted for the contest. But then this time I have decided to be brave and take part in the contest.

The prizes are mouth watering but I am not even thinking that far. If I start thinking like that I am sure I will run away again. A contestant can send in 15 pictures across three themes- nature, culture and people. The pictures could have been clicked anywhere in the world. You do need to register with the site to submit. I am very cagy about contests where all the pictures submitted become the copyright of the party. It is not so with this contest. Check out the FAQ to see the answers to your questions.

The contest is open from The Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest starts May 1, 2013 at 0:00:00 A.M (GM+7) and ends July 28, 2013, 11:59:00 P.M (GM+7).

So what are you waiting for? Dig out your best 15 pictures and go ahead and submit.

For my own submissions I am torn between two places my recently concluded trip to South Africa or to talk about my forthcoming trip to Nepal. I think I will concentrate on South African bush experience. After all it is unique with their Big 5, the lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and the Cape buffalo.

I managed to see four; leopard was nowhere to be seen. And what sightings they were. There were nine elephants standing just behind the deck of the lodge we were staying at and that was as soon as we arrived.


 African Elephants

The next sighting was of the rhinos on the evening safari, my first in South Africa. Two magnificent rhinos kept circling our jeeps quite oblivious to our presence and our cameras continuously going click, click, click.


A White Rhino

On the same safari we saw a majestic African lion on. Our tracker caught the eyes with his search light and we followed it for quite some time, till it decided to hide in the bushes. Oh the trill to see the animals in the wild. On the second day we saw too sleeping lions as well.


South African Lion

The last of Big 5 sighting was of the Cape buffalo. I am told they are so ferocious that they can send a pack of lions packing. However we say two of them close to each-other and not a herd.


Cape Buffalo

Even today I just need to close my eyes and I can see the African bush and the surprises it has in store.