10-Days in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany


It’s never too early to plan for multiple steins of frothy, frosty beer. The wildly attended event called Oktoberfest is best enjoyed in Munich which is where I’m off to today. Yes, it’s the dead of summer but the legendary Bavarian tradition stays alive at supply tents throughout the city.

My 10-day adventure starts in Frankfurt where I arrive by plane from Newark and catch a train to Munich. From there I stay among venturesome backpackers at a local hostel and enjoy dozens of youthful hangouts.

Next Sunday I board a return train to Stuttgart to do the same plus meet up with dozens of cousins, Aunts and Uncles.

While in Munich, I’m staying at a hostel – not the conventional cramped en-suite dorm rooms people stay away from though. Hostels in Germany do not require guests to do chores in exchange for affordability nor do they enforce a curfew or lock-out. Room options run from private to shared without age limits.

And, by the looks of the Jugendherberge website, I think mine has a concierge, wi-fi, gastropub and a trendy eco-conscious vibe. This might be deserving of a few stars!

The VP of German Youth Hostel Association will be on hand to encourage visitors that this is how best to enjoy Munich.