Helping my Best Friend to Heaven

Rocco And Owner

The pendulum swung from the height of euphoria to the pits of despair this week. I went from enjoying a glorious 10-trip through Europe to making the painstaking decision to send my dog to heaven the day after I returned.

Here now is his obit:

Rocco Stark, a Golden Retriever of roughly 9 years old was adopted in 2007 from Peppertree Farms with the expectations of living not more than a few good years with Sonja Stark. As luck would have it (okay – a solid dose of meds too), Rocco surprised his pack and lived to be 15 years old, perhaps older.

Combined with a tenacity to swim and walk, a voracious appetite to perpetually beg and plead, an innate ability to know when the UPS man was around the corner and the personality to make friends with countless neighbors, Rocco lived strong and unabashedly until 3p, Friday, July 26th.

Rocco takes with him happy memories of visiting the Atlantic ocean near Boston, canoeing the Great Sacandaga Lake, chasing rabbits at Thatcher Park and humping the hell out of too many cushions. He didn’t seem bothered but gave his owner quite the scare when he wandered into a neighbors garage in 2012 and got locked inside for the day.

Rocco leaves behind an owner riddled with existential questions about the soul of a dog and how to quantify quality of life issues vs the painful aging process of her pet.

Rocco Stark, a Golden Retriever of no particular importance to a seeing-eye foundation or the military or the world of science, will, none-the-less, be preserved for eternity as ashes in an urn sitting next to his owners rotating globe in her work office.

Goodbye best friend, sweet creature and doting companion of only 6 years and 3 months – your unconditional love and affection forever changed the lives around you.