Inside the Yale University Art Gallery

Judy Pfaff's Straw into Gold, 1990. Photo by Esha Samajpati. © All rights reserved

Last time I was in New Haven, I spent a lot of time at the Modern Art section of the Yale Gallery, because modern art baffles me. And the more it does that, the more I am drawn towards it. For example, look at the installation art above, it’s just wire and cans and bedsprings and blown glass. Would you look at it say “Now that’s something I want to work with!”

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Archives of American Art where the artist, Judy Pfaff, explains her inspiration for the piece above. “Also, you know at this point I started paying attention to Brooklyn in a different way. There were lots of things which were being burned. There were these huge vacant lots and there would be cars which would be caught on fire, beds, sofas, everything was being burned, just thrown in there and burned. I was grabbing a lot of these old bed frames and sofa frames and all the springs in them and so that thing Straw into Gold was really about taking all this really terrible depressing sad imagery and sort of shaping it into another reality. So there’s like hope or whatever it turned out to be.”