Canoeing Kennyetto Creek in Fulton County

Canoeing Kennayatta CreekLast week was spent paying homage to my dearly departed by canoeing The Great Sacandaga Lake. Mutti and I picked a random marina called Lasky’s with a small boat slip to launch from. Beware – the mosquitoes are atrocious here! Mutti and I rushed our canoe into the open water where sunshine drove the pesky demons away.

We fought waves from obnoxious speed boats and then happily happened upon a shallow slithering creek called Kennyetto. The name derives from an old Indian expression “Snake trying to swallow it’s tail.” We started our little adventure following the historical water source.

Even with water levels that I would consider high for this time of the year, the creek narrowed to a point where we had to portage over rocks and debris. How two fishermen with an engine-driven row boat were able to get as far as we did is beyond me. The creek is as beautiful as it is fragrant but it never feels fully wild because of the hum of traffic from routes 29 and 30.

We didn’t paddle the full extend of the creek but others passing us might have. From an online map it twists, turns and migrates past Adirondack Animal Land through Broadalbin and a few miles further into Saratoga County.

After a brief picnic lunch we skirted back for a prompt swim in the lake, much warmer than the freshwater spill-off of Kennyetto. I think the lot we found was public. Absent of any private property signs, Mutti and I assumed it was ours for the liking. It had several picnic tables, grills and a sandy bottom to swim from.