Weekly Link Love

Photo by Esha Samajpati. © All rights reserved

Today being the first day of August, I had half a mind to rant about the diminishing sunlight and lack of holidays this month brings forth. But as you can see here, Slate has beat me to it. If you read the piece you will find that even the staunchest August-skeptic has to admit that there are plenty of good things that happened this month. And to that list, I would like to include Indian Independence Day and my grandfather’s birthday. It is not like that there is anything particularly wrong with this month but it does have a certain sense of gloominess about it. Well, I could look forward to fall and all the colors that it brings to this part of the world if I did what happy people do, but it seems I am more likely to sit around moping about that diminishing sunlight I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, as you must have noticed by now, this is one of those posts where I leave you with a medley of random links for you to ponder over, if you are the pondering kind that is.

Before I forget, a big round of applause to TBWA France for going where few brands dare to go. They have launched a McDonald’s campaign where the brand name is not mentioned at all. It’s just close-up pics of the food. Don’t believe me? See for yourself here.

As for the pic you see here, it’s a toddler bowl of hummus-y pasta with carrots. The recipe is from a blog I can’t have enough of, Peppercorns in my Pocket. I have tweaked it to make it finger-food like, or in other words, toddler friendly. I added pasta to make it a one-pot meal, and since I do not like liquid flicked at me from a high-chair, I also made it less soupy. Unless you are a vegetarian, do not skip the meat. We had apple-chicken sausages on the side, because our son finds chorizo too spicy. But I can tell how the Spanish wonder would elevate this dish to another level altogether.

You may be wondering about the relevance of a recipe in a travel blog which promises musings from the road, but everybody’s got to eat, right? Even a worldly traveler. Same goes for music, so I am going to leave you with this number that I find haunting and one could say, loop-worthy.

Have a good August!