Exploding Fall Flavors at the Altamont Beer Festival

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Altamont Beer Festival 2013

Altamont Beer Festival

Altamont Beer Festival
Kieth Agneta from Guilderland and Jarred Collins from Troy. Check out the pretzels for nourishment.

Altamont Beer Festival
A dollop of icecream goes great with Kona’s Pipeline Porter

Altamont Beer Festival
Cans have a stigma but they are actually better for beer. There’s no light or oxygen so the beer stays fresher longer.

Beer with a dollop of vanilla ice cream? A twist of JalapeƱos with your IPA? Hard ciders fermented elderberries, rhubarb, ginger and even pear?

The 2013 Altamont Beer Festival served up these unique flavors plus the unadulterated stuff for the purists.

If you were looking to sample new toasty autumn flavors like pumpkin pie and maple syrup you surely got your fix among the 40 breweries offering over 100 samples yesterday.

“Great craft beer can cross boundaries. It can change your perception of what you think beer is,” said Jeremy Irving, Sales Manager of Remarkable Liquids.

“The goal of any craft brewery is to make beer that they like and is an expression of themselves. Some breweries make beer that they want everyone to like where as craft brewers brew beers that they are passionate about. It’s almost a part of them, it’s about their story, part of their soul.”

Right now there are about 2500 craft breweries in the United States. Though you might perceive that a high number it’s the same amount that flooded the market before prohibition. Today, the revitalization of the industry is helping highlight the fascinating history of cities like Albany that relied on the exportation of a double-strength XX ale known simply as Albany Ale.

Joe Donahue of WAMC did a fabulous radio interview last week with the blog boys behind the oft-forgotten Albany ale. Listen to local suds aficionados Alan McLeod and Craig Gravina here for more.

Yesterday’s event was well attended and sippers stayed dry under the hallow commercial building enjoying a medley of music by Jonathan Newell and his band and Danielle Parente.