A Decade Before!

Have you ever reflected back on how you used to spend your time sometime back? I was wondering what I used to do with my time about a decade ago. Here is a list of 10 things I was or was not doing 10 years ago.

10. I had already done my first trek to Sar Pass in 2002 and in 2o03 we trekked in Har Ki Doon and Goa. Yes you read it right, Youth Hostel has a trekking program in Goa. So I had already started trekking 10 years before.

9. I submitted my Ph.D. in 2002 and it was awarded in 2003. In 2002 I started working and some of those first jobs were horrible.

8. Facebook was not there a decade ago! I joined Facebook in 2007. I was on Indiamike before I was on Facebook! I joined Indiamile in 2005. Twitter itself was not there nor was Indiblogger. With so few social networks I wonder what I used to do with all my time? I was never a big user of Orkut even though I joined the network.

7. I was heavily into sports all my college life, so when I started working in 2002 after my Ph.D. suddenly sports took a back seat. My weight started to go up. Before that I never had to watch what I ate! I could polish a whole packet of chips with cake and I would still not gain weight. Gone are those days …

6. I had already been abroad. By 2002 I had visited Singapore, Athens and Amsterdam. All were for stuff related to Ph.D. work. But I loved travel even then.

5. I was using the slow internet a decade ago. I actually have used the dumb terminals which used to run on Linux during my Ph.D. days. A lot of sites used to be text based anyways in those days!

4. I just bought my first cell phone in 2002 as Reliance made incoming free and gave you a handset if you went with them.

3. My naughty daughter was not yet in our lives. We adopted her in 2009.

2. I had no SLR then, not even a digital camera. I had a film point and shoot. But I still remember that I wanted my pictures to come out well. We bought our first digital camera in 2005.

1. I didn’t even have my darling blog a decade ago but it was close, I started blogging in June 2005.

And now that I am doing a post without pictures it means the war is on, I have to catch a flight tomorrow night and everything seems to be in disarray. But like every other time, I am sure things will fall in place. I have already got my clothes ironed, how much time will it take to stuff them in a suitcase? It is the documents required that scare me more.

What do you think? What are some of the changes in your life if you compare it 10 years before?

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