Cape Cod Day 4

Newcomb Hollow Beach. Photo by Esha Samajpati © All rights reserved

Day 4 began with a detour. As it turned out, Cahoon Hollow Beach, gorgeous as it was, could only be accessed by climbing down a steep dune. To make matters more difficult, the ropes that line the path during summer were nowhere to be seen. So we decided to skip it and head to Newcomb Hollow instead, an equally splendid beach with a less treacherous path.

The water was freezing cold, the kind of cold where your feet feels numb. But when you find yourself at an immensely popular Cape Cod beach whose every inch isn’t shaded by beach umbrellas of various hues and colors, you consider yourself lucky. Very lucky. A little cold never did anyone any harm.

We had our picnic lunch under the watchful eyes of the resident seagulls. Munching on our cheese and mortadella sandwiches, I wondered if food does indeed taste better on vacation. Rest of the afternoon went like this – we tossed around a ball, got into the water, got hit by the biting cold, came out of the water, dried ourselves, and like children refusing to learn from a previous mistake, we went in again.

Given that the beach is set against sand dunes of considerable size (much like Cahoon Hollow but without the tricky descent), the hike back to the car wasn’t a breeze. We had a good amount of beach gear and a toddler who decided to test his climbing skills at that precise moment.

Highland Light. Photo by Pinaki Chakraborty © All rights reserved

Our next stop for the day was Highland Light, one of the Cape’s finest. Our 23-month-old looked up at the tall tower, pointed at it and went “this…lighthouse.”

To me, that was the best part of our trip. Seeing our son pick up new words with such glee. Other than lighthouse, three other beach-y words made the coveted list – seagull, ocean and waves.

What new words did you learn on your last trip?