Hop the Train to North Creek, NY


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The North Creek Railroad Depot holds special prominence for Teddy Roosevelt.

The beloved 26th President learned of his fate while reading a telegram here on Sept. 14, 1901 from Secretary of State John Hay. The telegram expressed the grim news of President McKinley’s death that promoted the V.P. to President. Roosevelt was hunting at Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks at the time.

Even after 112 years, the North Creek Railroad Museum still commemorates the occasion every September by inviting Teddy Roosevelt back from the grave to rehash history and reflect on issues today.

The resemblance of the Rough Rider reprisor Joe Wiegand is uncanny as are his memories of the progressive leader’s life.

To add to the ethers of time, a replica steam locomotive called “Leviathan No. 63” chugged into North Creek at the same time this past Saturday.

With it’s bells and whistles clamoring and tooting, it was like the Polar Express had come to town. Railroad buffs from across the state gathered for this momentous N.Y. State debut.

Other than it running on fuel oil rather than wood, the painstaking reproduction is no different than the original locomotive built locally at the Schenectady Locomotive Works in 1868.

For a few worthwhile bucks, a lucky few got to ride round-trip from Corinth to North Creek inside the 1928 Canadian National day coach pulled from behind.

To watch the video of the Leviathan pulling out of the North Creek Depot, CLICK HERE.