Where Lotus Grew Like Weed

What do you do when you see pretty flowers on your dining table? When I saw the bunch that is featuring below we started a discussion, whether the flowers were real or not! I mean have seen a lotus flower arrangement like this before? I had not for sure.

Are These Lotus Flowers for Real

Are These Lotus Flowers for Real?

My first question to everyone else was if these lotus flowers were for real? We had officials from the Tourism Ministry of Cambodia on our table and they asked me to pull one out and see for myself. I wanted to but I hesitated. I actually wanted to pull one and take it away with me to my hotel room. However, I decided to touch them instead and they were for real. Another person explained that the real flowers are arranged in this fashion! I really liked them. It is the small things like this on my travels that give me so much happiness.

A Floral Arrangement at Sokha Angkor Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia

A Floral Arrangement at Sokha Angkor Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia

This was the floral arrangement at Sokha Angkor Resort in Siem Reap, the place where I stayed. After orchids, lotus was another flower that I saw growing almost in every water body that I crossed. At some point I remarked to a person, “they grow here like weeds!” This is true both of Cambodia and Thailand.

Up Close with a Pink Lotus

Up Close with a Pink Lotus

Not only I saw lotus in hotels, I also saw them growing in ponds. I was able to walk up close to them and click pictures. Lotus stems were also available for sale in markets and I ate a dish which had lotus stem.

Lotus Flowers

Lotus Flowers (A Cell Phone Picture, with my Nokia X-7)

But one arrangement that clearly took my breath away was this! I had only my cell phone with me. I patiently reviewed all the pictures I took and did not budge till I took one that satisfied me. This should also go down as note to self– that I should review my pictures more frequently and move on only when I am satisfied with the result!

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