Notes to Self Before I Head to Thailand and Cambodia

I would be heading out to Thailand and Cambodia this week itself. Travel Tales from India and I got lucky again. I have been invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for this trip. Before I head out here are notes to self about my photography.

Blurred Picture

Blurred Picture, South African Bush Fire

5. Carry that Damn Tripod: I am not a professional photographer. I picked up photography because I like to travel. Then there is this blog where I can showcase them. My readers appreciated my work and that propelled me to try to do even better. Heck I don’t even have a camera bag. So at times I get lazy about carrying that damn tripod. Or I forget to carry the tripod to the trip itself (and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to kick myself when I did that). Not this time. I am going to treat my tripod like an umbrella on a rainy day. That way I will not have to look at pixelated or blurred shots when I come back to the hotel.

Imagine This at Dawn!

Imagine This at Dawn!

4. Click at Least One Dawn: If you listen to professional photographers like Steve Winter they swear by getting up at the crack of dawn every time. I am not an early riser by any stretch of imagination. On a rare day when I can somehow open my eyes  just a  crack, I invariably will find the sky overcast. That makes me quite happy because I can go back to sleep again. The next day I happily sleep through, only to wake up to clear views in the morning. And then I curse myself for being lazy. This time I am going to make an effort to catch at least one good dawn (if anything from this list is going to fall flat, this has the highest probability). Why do I always want to sleep 10 minutes more?

3. Try Your Hand at Videos: I make only a half hearted attempts at making videos. This time I am going to make at least 3/4 hearted attempts. If the videos still do not come out well, I will simply not post them.

Including a Human Being

Remember to Add Human Beings at least Occasionally! 

2. Try Telling a Story: I like nature, I usually click nothing but nature. This time I am going to click nature but I will try to be less allergic to everything else. After all there is all that gorgeous food to be clicked, till I can gather courage to click people.

Clicking the Same Picture Again and Agin

Clicking the Same Picture Again and Again

1. Go Beyond Your Single Subject Blindness: When I read about single subject blindness on DPS it resonated with me immediately. I suffer from the disease. I come back home thinking I have 500 pictures from the destination. In reality I may have just 50 unique images.Sometimes, I need to shoot continuously for wildlife but why I shoot the same nature scene 50 times is beyond me!

Now the proof of the pudding would be once I come back and serve it here. I am looking forward to my trip. In the meanwhile what do you consider to be your biggest photography limitation?

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