Shedding an Old Couch and Getting a Sticker…Little Things Add Up

I think I’ve discovered a secret to happiness in life.  Get those little things done that you keep putting off that ultimately will make you miserable if you don’t deal with them.  I had a few of those today, first I brought my car in for inspection and was shocked to learn that I had failed. It was an emissions problem, my muffler had disconnected from its expensive catalytic converter.

My first choice mechanic looked at it up on the lift and said ruefully, ‘we’ll have to replace the whole thing.” Uh oh.  “Some people can weld that for you but I can’t.”  So I asked a friend and he told me about Zononi Auto repair and a guy named Nate.

Today I picked up my car, passed inspection and it cost $60 less than he said it would. I asked him about inspection stickers and how hard it was for another friend of mine to get one.  “Do people ever make copies of pass stickers and use them if they can’t get their own?” I asked.

Nate told me straight out.   “It’s a felony. ”  I guess that’s why more people don’t try such a scheme.

My day only got better.  I remembered last night Mary telling me it was ok to get rid of an old couch she had moved her from Wendell. Sun damaged and old, it has seen way better days but was currently one of the thousand things cluttering up and filling my garage. Inspired, I grabbed it and hauled it onto the truck.  Twenty bucks later it was gone.

Thank heaven for these little joys.