Time to Say Bye to Thailand and Cambodia

Time flies, when you are traveling it flies faster! I was sitting at Dusit Thani about a week before and here I am again, to take the flight back home tomorrow. So it is time to say bye to Thailand and Cambodia. It was such a wonderful trip! I have by now gained at least 3 KG weight.


Time to Head Back Home!

So many memories that I am taking back home with me! I am very tired today but has to pen down a few thoughts.

  • The boarder market at Aranyaprathet is a good place to take a stroll, buy stuff if you like to shop (unlike me, I don’t like to shop) and to do street photography.
  • Try out the pub street and the night market at Siem Reap.
  • US dollars are so commonly accepted at Cambodia that you need not change currency if you have USD.
  • You can live as a vegetarian in both Thailand and Cambodia if you are willing to try different food.
  • My visa on arrival at Bangkok was a breeze. There are two lines, normal which would cost you 1000 bhat and fast track which would cost you 1200 bhat. I used the fast track when I arrived at Bangkok and I was through in less than 15 minutes. When I exited to Cambodia I needed visa again. The second time? No problem! I am quite impressed with this visa on arrival stuff, this was a first for me.
  • The floating market at Taling Chan in Bangkok is not to be missed. It is a weekend market and wait till I do a post to see how colorful it is. If you are impatient Google it.
  • Siem Reap is not a place, it is concept. If you can travel to only one place this year, go there. Since there is no direct flight from India, going via Thailand is an easy option.

So long folks, see you from India tomorrow.

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