Lazy Sunday Photo- Bulbul Birds Eating Maggi

I keep a pot of water for birds on my terrace. Lately I have kept another pot in which I put something to eat for the birds. My niece and daughter ate Maggi a few days back and I poured the leftovers in the eating pot. Then came this bulbul bird and the fun started.

Bulbul Bird

Bulbul at the Terrace

And after drinking water, the bulbul bird attacked the Maggi, and it was gone in a while! Never though a bulbul birds will like eating Maggi. Usually kids don’t leave any Maggi but this day Chhavi left some!

Bulbul Eating Maggi

Red Vented Bulbul Eating Maggi

There were two of them actually munching happily on Maggi. And the bowl was wiped clean in no time. What better than Maggi eating bulbul birds for a lazy Sunday.

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