Halloween on the Harbor

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It’s Halloween and I have something scary for you.

If you’re in Boston and can cough up enough money for parking at the Harbor make your tourist appearance at a scrappy dive bar called The Barking Crab. The place is nothing special but the following cocktail with frighten your taste buds off. Mixologist Jay has concocted a cocktail made with a splash of bacon grease, jalapenos, molasses, pureed white peaches, ginger beer, lemon cordial and bourbon. I was the first patron to partake in his latest artisan aperitif.

Bacon-infused cocktails are a haunting ticket now but a couple sips had me longing for the familiar Bloody Mary instead.

Certain garnishes work in spirits but bacon was not the magic bullet I was hoping for. Still, others in my crew loved the creation and finished mine in earnest. I’ll stick to having pork on my BLT instead.