“Play Me, I’m Yours” in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston in October

Boston in October

Boston in October

When you think of American cities with great music you think of Nashville, Austin, New Orleans, Chicago or NYC.

But Boston?

Well, if you can tickle the keys like the strangers that were plopping themselves in front of these free pianos parked throughout the city, you’d toss Bean Town in on the list.

Young or old, good or bad, all are invited to try their hand at chop sticks or Beethoven’s 5th, no judgement from passerby’s. Funny thing is, street musicians have to apply, qualify and pay to play in Boston but not those willing to pull up a stool at these pianos.

And, should a trained professional come along (Elton John are you listening?) even better for the crowds that gather to listen. Free melodies from the talented hands of musically-inclined visitors to beautiful Boston.

The street pianos are not permanent but rather a temporary installment. 75 pianos are planted in public places throughout Cambridge, Boston, Somerville and Brookline but only on display until October 14.

The need for soulful resonance is universal. Over 1000 street pianos have been installed in 37 cities across the globe, bearing the simple invitation to Play Me, I’m Yours! The project has already reached more than four million people worldwide.

Should there be rain in the forecast, tarps are waiting next to each piano provided performers cover the instrument saving it to be played another day.