More Reasons to Fall for New York

New York website

Did you know that New York City has enough restaurants for one person to eat out every night for 54 years without visiting the same place twice? Given the median price for an apartment in Manhattan is $820,555 it’s shocking to think anyone but tourists can afford to eat out. But, because you and I are from upstate we can save our mortgage money and do just that and more~

Here’s a new website with an accompanying app for your cell phone called Besides restaurants, it’s a great resource for anything and everything New York including Broadway shows, hotels, entertainment, attractions, tours and more.

42 local experts spill inside secrets on “Sheldon Cooper-like” mid-November favorites. Want to know where the best comic shops are? Fancy a spot of time travel in a “Dr. Who” theme bar? How about snapping on a Dark Energy night burger in Brooklyn or go tête-à-tête with brainiacs at the Secret Science Club?

Check it out: