Running through an Electronic Wonderland




For all the 5K races run, I’ve never experienced anything but relief crossing the finish line.

A runners high? Nope, not me. It’s called colossal satisfaction from aching knees, utter exhaustion and frayed nerves.

But this past Friday was different.

That evening my friend Jen and I took to a course called “The Electric Run” at Gillette Stadium. Home of the New England Patriots, the location turned into an electronic wonderland for 15,000 runners.

Fashioned with 9 unique “zones” made up of dance music, green strobe lights, neon pink trees and high tech art exhibits, the event was the largest of its kind. And because of that, runners were released from the chute in groups of 2000 to 4000 at a time.

We waited 30 minutes or longer before the countdown went off in our favor.

We ran under balloon tunnels, around pulsating laser shows and up several flights of ramps to the top of Gillette Stadium and back down the other side.

The energized participants, that’s us, wore a bevy of fluorescent body stuff. Glow glasses, illuminated jewelry, technicolor wigs and tutus, the sillier the better. It was the most fun ever had despite jockeying for position and tripping over orange cones.

And here’s an emotion few experience at the end of a 5K – sadness! It was heartbreaking to see it end.