Scuba Diving off the Island of Guanaja with Pirates and Poisonous Fish

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Green Moray Eel

Jado Trader Wreck

Dunbar Rock Villa

Graham's Place, Guanaja Island, Bay Islands, Honduras

G&G Clearwater Paradise, Guanaja Island, Bay Islands, Honduras

My precious editor Max Hartshorne of forwards press trip invites to me once or twice a year and in the event I can go, I count my lucky stars and launch off into the world. I’ve been doing so for nearly a decade and am never disappointed with the places and faces I meet.

At the beginning of this year I ventured to an island off the coast of Honduras for a short “dive fam” – three days of scuba diving from morning until night. The travel article was posted last month and I forgot to remind my Times Union readers.

Here now is the article entitled Scuba Diving & Serenity on a Pristine Island.

Please click this link to read about abandoned shipwrecks, pirates, volcanic caverns and the invasive lion fish.