How Did You Name Your Blog?

I got a comment recently on my blog that though the name of my blog is Travel Tales from India, I write about other countries! And then they say what is in a name. I think the impression was formed because of the recent spate of posts on Thailand and Cambodia. But that took me back to how I named my blog.

I actually started blogging because my brother-in-law and sister didn’t leave me alone till I started. At that point in June 2005, I had just started traveling and most of my travels were within India. I had been a few other countries but mostly for work. So looking for a name, I just came up with Travel Tales from India, because I thought most of my travels would be within India! In fact as a family we have still not taken a vacation abroad. I think it is about time we changed this.

At that point in time, little did I know that I would get invited to other countries because of my blog. In fact when South Africa Tourism’s PR contacted me they did ask if I write about other countries or do I cover only India! When I answered in affirmative, they were happy to invite me. At times I thought of changing the name or adding a more neutral tag line but in the end I decided to let it be. After 8 years of blogging the name has just stuck.

I sometimes wish if I had the foresight I would have picked up a more neutral sounding name. But back in 2005 in India if you told someone you had a blog, the next question invariably would be, “So who reads it?” In that scenario how could have I thought of a more neutral name? I took a name which made sense, at least at that time.

I have made my peace with the blog’s name for the time being. I justify it by thinking that even if I do cover stories from other countries I am based in India and in that sense they are still tales from India as they are told by an Indian. Sounds lame? Well I had to think of something. And I shudder to think what would happen if we ever shifted base to another country. But that is really a remote possibility.

But if are reading this and if you are about to start a blog do chose the name wisely because chances are you are going to be stuck with it for the rest of your blogging life. So how did you name your blog?

PS. As you see this is another rare post without a photo, that means I am about to travel again. This time it is only me and Chhavi. And we are going to have fun!

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