Sunset at Fort Kochi, Kerala

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In spite of having traveled so much this year it seems I am running out of sky pictures! The good bit is that I am heading out again tomorrow, just me and my daughter. Till I click new ones, here is a sunset at Fort Kochi in Kerala, India. I did a short trip to Fort Kochi in July 2013 and I quite liked the place. It has a laid back atmosphere, a small town feel. It also boasts of many historical monuments dating back from the Portuguese era.

Sunset at Kochi, Kerala, India

Sunset at Kochi, Kerala, India

I usually underexpose my sunset images and I wish I had done so with this one as well. But I was running towards the Chinese fishing nets to photograph them at sunset! So I took this shot in a  hurry and moved on. I actually got out quite early out of my hotel waiting for the sunset. But half way through I went to a restaurant for a coffee. They had good coffee and even better apple pie but they believed in slow service. When I say slow service I don’t mean it in a bad way. I simply mean that it was a relaxed place and they assumed that none of their customers were in hurry. They also had an awesome view of the sea. And that delayed my departure for the sunset!

I liked Fort Kochi as a city but I do wish that the beach area was cleaner. When I visited there was a lot of waste lying along the walking path and the beach. And that took away a lot from the experience. I wonder why the authorities are not interested in maintaining it as the city must be getting a lot of tourism revenue. Even the vendors along the shore could get together and clean the beach.

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