Beware of Airline Reward Scams

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Delta Skyrewards SCAM


Fall must be the season for deception, shams and shady deals. Not only did I receive one but two airline scams in the mail this month.

The first letter had the heading “Delta SkyRewards” but with a phony logo and title and the second had the words “US Airlines” sprayed across the top with legitimate carriers listed underneath.

At first glance, I fell for it. I actually believed I qualified for 2 round-trip airline tickets for travel anywhere within the Continental United States with a retail value of $1,229 for one and $1,398 for the other.

Both letters said they had tried to contact me several times. True, I field my calls all the time with caller ID but the number listed on either had never called once. That was curious…

Still, my gut instincts didn’t actually kick in until I fatefully made the mistake of calling the 1-888 number to inquire.

When the operator answered my questions with vague and ambiguous replies and asked for my email to confirm a future booking with some ‘wholesale travel company’ the light bulb in my blond head went off and I started swearing to myself for calling.

The operator continued to do the ‘song and dance’ about how lucky I was to receive these complementary airline tickets. I finally hung up in anger.

I then did something I should have done immediately – researched online!

Lo and behold, there are sites that list hundreds of reactions from others complaining of this deceptive practice. There is no such thing as someone with the name ‘Aubrey Kholer, Vice President’ or “Elise Warren, Guest Services Manager.’

Others that have fallen for this scam have had to pay exorbitant taxes and tips on the complementary tickets and suffered through hours of a ridiculous lecture while providing credit card numbers that they later had to cancel.

Beware readers: Nothing is free in life – and that’s the way it should be.