Travel in 2013- A Roundup

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I have never traveled this much ever before! 17 trips in a year with a job was something I did not expect. Honestly I have to look at my picture folders to figure out I where I went and when! No wonder the brain feels like baigan ka bharta! I am not complaining. I am sure there is at least one trip going to happen in December too!

  Place Month Personal/Invitation People
1. Alwar, Rajasthan January Personal Chhavi and Seshadri
2. Gulmarg March Invitation Media Group
3. Rishikesh March College Trip Colleagues and Students
4. Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh March/April Personal Chhavi and Seshadri
5. Sri Lanka April Personal Brat 2 which is my Nephew Sunil and Me
6. Guawhati and Shillong April College Colleagues
7. South Africa May Invitation Media Group
8. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal June Personal Solo with a guide cum porter
9. Te Aroha, Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand June Invitation Solo
10. Kerala July Invitation Solo
11. Suryagarh, Rajasthan August Invitation Bloggers Group
12. Puskhar, Lakshman Sagar August Invitation Two people me and another lady from media
13. Thailand and Cambodia September Invitation ASEAN Bloggers Group
14. Pushkar October Personal With Chhavi
15. Panna and Bandhavgarh, MP October Invitation Solo
16. Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand November Personal With Chhavi and Sohan ji as guide
17. Pench National Park, MP November Invitation Solo


I can only wonder what does 2014 has in store! I am so tired that in spite of having so much to write the mind draws a blank. Hence I decided to come up with this list! Most of the trips were short ones, extended weekends mostly involving flights. Those are the most tiring trips. In the mean while a lens has got jammed on my camera and refusing to come out. Maybe even the camera is tired. But enough on the tiredness theme. Even if I can travel half of this next year I would be happy!

So where did your travels take you in 2013?