Weekly Link Love

It’s been a while since I have posted links of a few of my favorite things. With the Week of the Turkey upon us, this one has plenty to do with food and drinks.

First things first, do you brine your turkey? If yes, you better check out this Food Lab link before going through the hassle of submerging an entire bird in salted water.

Sriracha, the flaming red-hot sauce that is known to change your relationship with Tabasco, isn’t something that’s commonly found on the unwavering Thanksgiving Shopping List, but it does on mine. I am making this.

Now that you have extra time on your hands (no need to brine that turkey, remember?), check out this funny poster from the comics artist Grant Snider and have a look at all the things Mark Twain didn’t say. Ack!

You could also try expanding your cocktail menu with this so-easy-I-could-make-it-blindfold Whiskey Sour recipe. It’s what I will be making this year, without the egg-whites asking for extra muscle and what-not.

And here’s a list of the most bike friendly cities in the US. Just because.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!