About Me?

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I had a very interesting conversation with Preethi Venugopal of Tulips and Me. It basically was about I should talk more about myself! I think I do reveal enough about me through my blogs but not so much by doing posts on it. So here is an attempt to talk about me! OK 10 things about me. And I will try to keep travel out of it.

10. I completed my Ph.D. in 2003. I am that old! I have a day job as an academician.

9. A lifetime ago I represented my state (UP) both in Athletics and Table Tennis. Till my Ph.D. I was a regular on a basketball or badminton court. In my last job as well, I would play TT at work and beat my male colleagues most of the times. None of my female colleagues used to play. Some of my colleagues read my blog and they don’t like being reminded of it!

8. I am an introvert when it comes to face to face conversations, I am the wall paper in a party.

7. My students consider me strict, I demand a lot of work from them! Yet many add me on Facebook.

6. I am not brand conscious and I will blame my father for it. He uses such a tiny cell phone even now, how can I buy an Apple or a Samsung?

5. I don’t have a single lipstick, I would hardly know how to apply it.

4. My husband and I met in college. He treks more than me, it is just that he is not a blogger. He is right now out trekking and I am the single parent.

3. My sister and I talk daily on phone! My husband and brother-in-law both find it difficult to understand why. It was my sister and brother-in-law who got me into blogging.

2. Photography, travel and blogging grew on me slowly but they are now an integral part of who I am. Sometimes they start challenging my professional identity as an academician. सीधे शब्दों में (In straight words) I have thought many times about quitting my job but I have never been able to do it.

1. The best decision in our lives has been to adopt our daughter Chhavi. We adopted her in 2009.