Boats at the Phewa Lake- Pokhara, Nepal

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December is the month of nostalgia. I usually do not do year round up but this year I am succumbing to it big time. You have been warned! Yesterday night I was browsing through my Facebook timeline. And it made me so happy looking at the pictures from the past trips, trips that are now slowly receding to a corner of my memory. I have never traveled so much in my life before as I did in 2013.

It is also going to be extra special year because this was the year when we did daughter mother trips. But the biggest surprise was looking at my Annapurna Trek pictures. I did the trek in June and I cribbed and cribbed about the lack of the views!

Phewa Lake
Moody Skies at Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

Yesterday I was left wondering why did I consider this as lack of views? I know the answer, because I wanted snow capped peaks when I got clouds. But with the passing of a few months I was scratching my head- why did I complain so much, after all it was beautiful. But the key is that a few months have passed. The next time I go on a trip and I get clouds instead of the view, I will of course crib again!

But this also gives me some food for thought. I mean I can still recall my exact mood while I was going around the lake clicking pictures. I hardly had any enthusiasm, I just went through the motions. Next time when the weather decides not to cooperate with me, I will try and remember that there is beauty in every weather. This introspective mood is the result of December and trying to decide where to go in January. The air fares are not leaving me in a good mood.

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