Destination San Antonio, despite cold weather

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Art mecca in Southtown San Antonio

It doesn’t look anything like upstate New York but the chilly weather sure makes it feel like it. The temps tonight in windy San Antonio – the Alamo City are hovering around a bone-chilling 32-degrees.

I’m here ’til Tuesday on a press trip to explore the River Walk, the number one tourist destination in Texas, now all dressed up with holiday luminaries and joyful carolers. But, instead of sightseeing outside, this wimpy Yank hid out among a bohemian treasure of culture, art and music in Southtown.


The Capital District shares the same distinction: every month ‘First Friday’ is celebrated with top artistic talents from glass blowing to sculpture to mixed media. Back-to-back studios at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center display southwestern Indian, Folk, Still, Landscape and Portrait art.

Carolina G. Flores

A fabulous whimsical collection by gregarious Carolina G. Flores really caught my eye. Many of her splashy works feature remembrances of family members: sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles – including this larger-than-life wall mural of her parents west Texas wedding. Flores chronicles her life in beautiful watercolors and chalk that share anecdotes and memorable stories. One vivid tale involves a “Blood Wedding” scenario in the Coyanosa farming community that lead to the killing of the parents of the groom and a sheriff’s deputy!

Hey, they don’t call this the Wild West for nothing.