Lazy Sunday Photo- Colorful Dilli Haat

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Dilli Haat is one of our favorite joints because it is so colorful. For this lazy Sunday I have some pictures from Dilli Haat. The Sunday was not really lazy because Chhavi and I went there today. When she was very small she used to think that shops were to look at and not to buy stuff. How blissful was that phase!

Dilli Haat
Christmas Decorations at Dilli Haat

Then came a period when she would ask for almost everything she saw! We started by telling her that she could have two things on a trip. For a while it was difficult to restrict her. But surprisingly that too passed quite soon. For example, I offered her to buy these Christmas decorations and she told me she didn’t want them! This also caught me by surprise.

Colorful Threads
Colorful Threads

These colorful threads are kept at the entrance of Dilli Haat. The ladies offer to weave it through your hair! Chhavi told me next time she would get her hair weaved! I am all for it. But sometimes I shudder to think what would it be like when she becomes a teenager! She was asking me yesterday why people wear an earring on their lips!

Beautiful Necklaces on Display at Dilli Haat

I usually visit Dilli Haat with my sister. We both go and have a sabudana vada first. I did the same this time as well. But somehow it didn’t taste the same without her. But getting back to Chhavi and her shopping, she was content with a few things and refused many! Now if only she would keep this up!

I usually do not like to venture out anywhere in NCR. When I get out I want to put at least 250 kilometers between me and NCR. But as Chhavi enjoys these outings so much, I am making an effort these days!