A Wine Tale

My cell phone rang on Saturday evening. In winters even 7.00 pm feels like late night. The call went something like this- “Ma’am we are calling from Four Seasons Wine. We have to deliver a bottle of wine to your home.” I vaguely remembered receiving  a mail from the Four Seasons PR asking if I would like to review a bottle of their wine. I did not reply to it as they usually ask for a review within 7 days. I was not sure I could do that. So I told the caller that “I won’t be able to review it. Anyway I am not a food blogger.” The person at the other end said, “Ma’am we are standing outside your house.” I apologized and ran out. They said “if you can not review it keep it as a gift!” It was a Four Seasons Shiraz, which is a red wine.

I thanked the two men who delivered the wine and walked back to the house. I felt a bit silly the way I talked to them. I can be quite straight forward but I do not like being rude. I thought I sounded rude on the phone. But how could I have known that they calling right from my gate?

When my husband saw me walking back with a bottle of wine he asked if we should open it? I generally do not drink at home, not even on weekends. But here I was with an unexpected bottle of wine after a working Saturday so I decided why not.

Four Seasons Shiraz

If you read the description of this Shiraz red wine on their website it goes like this-

“Type : Still Red Wine

Grapes :Shiraz

Origin : Baramati, Maharashtra, India

Style: Dry

Tasting notes:

Colour : Dark ruby red with black cherry hues.
Aroma : Crushed raspberries abound, combining with spicy and smoky notes and a subtle hints of violet.
Palate : This rich, full-bodied wine has a nice amount of complexity offering fruit and spice on the palate and a pleasant finish with smooth velvety tannins.

Serving suggestion: Enjoyed best at 16 – 18° C with barbequed red meats and game. Its spicy character makes it an ideal accompaniment to Indian cuisine.”

Now if you would ask me it simply tasted good. I liked it but I can’t say why. Did I taste black cherries in it? I would be honest, no. My taste buds cannot perform complicated tasks. Same goes for subtle hints of violet. We had it with popcorn. I guess real wine lovers are suitably disgusted by my description if they have read it so far. But this is who I am even after attending a wine tasting session before.

But if you ask me did I enjoy the Four Seasons Shiraz red wine I would say undoubtedly yes, I am looking forward to having another glass on Christmas.

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