Hail Himalayas!

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Hail Himalayas is a phrase that any mountain lover will identify with. But it is also an adventure camp near Shimla. I spent the last weekend of 2013 with them (on invitation) and I had a great time. On the Chail road as soon as we took the detour to nowhere I knew it was going to be a great trip. They have tented huts at the adventure camp.

Now you may ask me if I froze to death in December near Shilma? No, I did not, because my tent had a blower, the bathroom had hot water and there was a tea maker in the room as well. What more one could ask for? Have a look at the video that I made of Hail Himalayas.


It was a trip where I went to see sunrise, did a small trek and enjoyed the bonfire, because it was really cold. This was also the trip when I got blue skies in the mountains, finally in 2013. The starry nights were amazing too. Now that I am back in favor with the mountain gods, I hope the luck will continue in 2014 as well.

I so like the places which are away from the civilization. I can also do without many comforts. For example when I trek in Nepal, I manage with cold water. For me it is a luxury to have a tea house to stay at and not in dome tents that we would pitch ourselves. I know not everyone is willing to go to great lengths and yet many may yearn for the wilderness experience. In that case Hail Himalayas is a perfect choice. Here you may rough it out during the day but you get back to a tent with attached bathroom and hot water. The room has a comfortable double bed. I would say if you wish to test waters about trekking, do a day trek with them. If you like it, you may try a more adventurous trek later. They offer other activities like rappelling, valley crossing etc within the camp.


As I just arrived yesterday night and then straight went to work, the detailed posts will follow. In the meanwhile enjoy the video.