Bringing Back my Precious!

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This Saturday we went to get my precious back from the Canon service center! While going to give the camera I went alone. In all I might have spent 2 hours in getting back home even though my sister (who met me near the mall) and I spent time sometime at Halidram.

While fetching the camera back, I decided to take Chhavi along thinking we will come back via the mall. I once again roughly allocated 2 hours for the whole exercise. However the kid had other ideas! We reached home after 5 hours. I got the pleasure of using my camera. But she gives me a lot of trouble when I want to click pictures! The picture you see is a result of a lot of cajoling. She was plotting and planning about today as well but I told her it was going to be a lazy Sunday. We had enough excitement for a week already!

After a lot of Pleading!

I have my camera back now! It was in the service center for a week. The lens got stuck on the last day of Pench trip. I had a good experience with Canon service center. They were courteous and professional and gave me frequent updates. This is my first encounter with Canon service center and while I do not wish for any frequent encounters, I really liked the way they handled it. Now if all the after sales experiences were this good!

On the travel front, I would be in Pune later this week for the inauguration of a new Novotel hotel. I get to sit in a press conference too! So stay tuned for some updates from Pune. Later in January, my nephew and I are heading to Bhutan. We are the kinds who like to book the tickets first and worry about the cold and such things later! So travel plans look good so far. If we do not reach Bhutan we certainly are going to reach Sikkim.