5 New Year Resolutions I will Like to Keep

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This is a first. In my 8 years of blogging I never did any New Year resolutions. I wonder why 2013 and 2014 feel a bit different. I have this urge of making a few new year resolutions and going public with them too!

5. Fitness or Bust: I used to be an athlete. I could run for 10 kilometers in the morning and then run some more in the evening. I represented my state in 800 m and high jump. I stayed in a sports hostel for a few months. From there to zilch has been a painful journey. I am living on borrowed fitness on my treks. I realized in 2012 when I did the Everest Base Camp Trek. I can still trek but it more due to determination than fitness. This should change, 2014 should be the year. Otherwise as my cousin on FB said- कसरत करते युग गया, तनिक घटा न पेट। असरत-कसरत छांड़ दे, खा-पी कर के लेट!

Night Owl No More

4. Sleep Deprivation: I am a night owl by inclination. It feels so right to stay up till 12-1 at night. The trouble is my waking up time is fixed, I have to go to work. More trouble is that these days I am staying up late more or less regular thing. It leaves me very tired. I hope I will be able to change this in 2014.

3. Better Pictures: I love taking pictures. I see a lot of things through my camera and not with my eyes first. If I do not get a picture, it feels no good seeing it just with my eyes. I know there are a lot of people who feel just the opposite. Feeling that way comes naturally to them. Feeling this way comes naturally to me! So it is obvious that I want to take better pictures in 2014.

Pictures and More Pictures!

2. Enjoying More on a Trip: I can be so obsessed with taking pictures that I forget to enjoy on a trip. I sulk and sulk if I do not get good pictures. While I do want to take good pictures, if due to some reason I cannot, it should be no reason to sulk on a trip! In fact enjoying should come first and pictures should come second but I am not sure if I can achieve that!

1. Becoming More Environmentally Conscious: I love nature, I love to travel. And yet beyond average day to day activities like not wasting water, avoiding plastics I do nothing, I know nothing about environmental issues. This should change.

Do you make new year resolutions? Do you review them say half way through?