Travel 2013- Looking Back I

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I am nostalgic about my travels in 2013. Till last year I would not do any reminiscing about my travels but  this year I am in a different mood. Maybe because 2013 is the year I have travel most in my life. And before I say anything else here is a picture- of lemon and chilies which is said to ward off the evil eye. This is clearly a modern version because these are not real chilies and lemon. I am not superstitious, this is just a picture I liked. And well if it really wards off the evil eye and I continue to travel in 2014 the way I did in 2013, then nothing like it!

Neebu Mirchi
Neebu Mirchi- To Ward off the Evil Eye!

But I have to say that with my job, traveling the way I did this year has been physically tiring. To save my leaves come rain or sunshine, the day I come back from a trip, the next day I go to work. I know I should not complain but at some point I will have to reckon with this and deal with it. Till date, I have been greedy, I did all the trips I could. I did not worry about getting tired. A small voice in my head is telling me that I am already overstretched and it would serve me a lot better to listen to that voice. I will try, is all I can say.


But first things first, 2013 is going to remain most special to me because this is the year I started traveling with Chhavi, just the two of us. We have no objection to taking Seshadri along but two things come in our way. One of course is leaves and two he doesn’t like to go anyplace which doesn’t have the Himalayas as the backdrop. Now we like to see much more! In 2014 what I am looking forward to most is more trips with her. And if you look at the title you can see it says I so there are going to be II and III as well! So stay tuned,