Do You Watch Your Weight?

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This is not a weight loss post, because I would not even know where to start. I was very lucky till college. I used to be active in sports, so I never gained weight in spite of eating chips and cakes on a daily basis. The trouble is I have sweet tooth too, a big one. Coupled with the travel I am doing, I eat all kind of stuff. I am anyway hopeless with curbing my food intake. On the other hand due to my long commute, I do not exercise on a regular basis anymore. So this leaves me in a love hate relationship with the weighing machine.

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I love the weighing machine when I come back from a big trek, I pretty much hate it every other time of the year. I am not the dieting type. As, I said if I eat only salads, I will faint and fall. I did try to cut my diet at one point and it didn’t work at all. I really don’t have a weight problem but I do have a fitness problem. I wish to keep trekking for at least 15 more years. The way my fitness is I am sure sooner rather than later it can become a distant dream.

My Typical Sweet Dish Plate When I Travel

To sum it up, I do not have a weight problem but I used to be thinner. My fitness is in pits and that is a serious concern as I want to keep trekking. And I love sweets so it takes me back to one. Now if I would exercise more I could trek more and I could eat more sweets! I see a New Year resolution taking shape out of this post. I have staunchly stayed away from any New Year resolutions in the past but let us see if they make any difference. I am going to review this next December.