Ice Climbing at Plotter Kill Preserve

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Ice Climbing Want to do some novice ice climbing in the rocky folds of a summer waterfall? Visit Plotter Kill Preserve on the outskirts of Rotterdam’s western margin.

This rugged valley of 632 acres boasts three beautiful cascading falls: the Upper Falls (highest), Lower Falls and the Rynex Creek Falls. A “pick party” of six guys ignored the nuisance barking of our Tibetian Lhasa Apso (dog-sitting) and my photographic intrusion and concentrated on the task at hand.

Just as intimidating as well-dressed spiked ice climbers are the steep ledges and cliffs that parallel the Plotter Kill ravine. The region is heavily sequestered with snow-draped conifers that extend all the way to the Mohawk river. The trails switchback along the creek so loosing your bearings is easy to do.

Exercise caution and carry a compass and wear MicroSprikes. Or, in George’s case, use your well-insulated fanny to slide down the lofty terrain.