Sky Watch Friday- Sunset at Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat

Mandvi was on my radar on this visit to Kutch because I wanted to go near the sea. The Vijay Vilas Palace (post pending) was a bonus for me. I just spent one night there but then most of my vacations are like that, so I am not going to complain. I just made sure that I got to spend the evening at the Mandvi beach so that I could catch the sunset. And I have been rewarded with many beautiful pictures.

Sunset at Mandavi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat
Sunset at Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat

Before the sunset I actually waked away from the crowds on the beach. For half a kilometer, where people converge the beach is littered. It is not too bad but it is not clean as well. Hence I walked away half a kilometer and enjoyed the clean stretch of the beach. But I knew that at sunset I would get better pictures on the beach as there were horse buggies, camel men and people around.

Mandavi Beach
Then it became Two Camels!

As I was clicking the first camel, there came another camel across my frame. As I was using a heavy 75-300 mm lens on a tripod I could not do much. I managed only a partial capture before the second camel man stopped some distance from the first one. Later in the evening I was thinking I am now prone to turning my holidays into work as well with lenses, tripod and pictures to worry about. But for quite sometime I don’t think I am going to get detached and be happy just to watch a sunset!

Camels at Mandavi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat
Camels at Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat

Soon another camel came into the view. As they stood next to each-other and started chatting I got an opportunity to change the lens and click all of them together. And while I am writing this I am thinking lucky are those who sit and just stare at sunset without worrying about f stops, ISOs and silhouettes. Like in the picture above how I wish I moved a little so that glow line of the sun was separate from the legs of the camel! Well, there is going to be a next time!

This post is part of Skywatch Friday. Do check them out. I have now been doing these posts for years, it is so addictive.