Places I Would Like to Visit in 2014

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I always start my New Year with a list of places I want to see and cuisines I would like to try. So here we go –

1. Beach holiday at Montauk, NY. When the temperature outside your window hits the sub-zero mark, all you can do is dream of the warm sun and the salty ocean breeze.

2. Burlington, VT on a short winter break.

3. Hike the Adirondacks…we have to decide on a few child-friendly peaks. As of now Mt. Jo in Lake Placid tops our list.

4. Long overdue trip to India. Catch up with family and friends.

5. A trip to the mountains, maybe the Rockies. Haven’t straightened out the details yet but we are hoping to get outside our comfort zone, that is, the northeast. Ideas are welcome.

As for food, the bizarre the better!