Sky Watch Friday- Mandvi Beach, Kutch

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I think I can last for one more sky watch on the back of my Mandvi Beach pictures! I usually do not get so many usable pictures from one location. Mandvi sunset was really special. So, here I go again.

Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat
Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat

The idea of being out at sunset immensely appeals to me, as these days I spend it in a car, driving back from work. But there were days (college days) when I was not even bothered about sunset! I have to say it is the Sky Watch theme that really made me appreciate skies in the end and made me nostalgic about it.

Mandvi Beach
The Way I Should Have Behaved at Sunset!

Ideally this is how one should spend the sunset at a beach, playing around in water! Unfortunately cameras and water don’t get along and I get to face the flak. As I was traveling solo there was no place to leave the camera. And after my last fiasco I would dare not take it into the water. So I had to be content clicking pictures, I did not even get my ankle wet!

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. You have to check them out.