Sky Watch Friday- Night Sky at Hail Himalayas

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I tried my hand to click the night sky at Hail Himalayas this time. The night sky had about a million more stars at Hail Himalayas than I see in the cities. In the city sometimes I have to search really hard to find even a few stars. I have always been fascinated by the night sky in smaller places but before this trip near Shimla I was never able to click them properly. I started drooling as soon as it became dark and the stars came out. However my first attempt was to click the camp at night. As I said before, Hail Himalayas has tented huts. I wish I was skilled enough to click the night sky along with the tents. But this time I got the tents and the stars separately.

Hail Himalayas
The Hail Himalayas Camp at Night

It was difficult to be out at night for a long time as it was cold in December in Himachal Pradesh. Everyone at home was apprehensive as to how would I cope with cold. But I managed fine as there was a blower in the tent and they would light a bonfire in the evening. So this is how the camp looked at the night. I was in the second tent of the first row. The bright lights you see are the lamp posts.

Star Studded Sky
The Million Stars at Hail Himalayas

These were the millions that came out every night while I was there. I was so happy that I could see once again that how beautiful the night sky looks when there are no harsh lights. Now that I have got a basic hang of clicking the night sky, of course I am going to try it out more and more. I clicked many shots but some I took while I stood close to a lamp post. That is not a good strategy. The 2-3 shots that came out well were those where I went and clicked away from any bright source of light. Also, I thought the camera would not catch the electric wires at night. Of course that was stupid reasoning and I was wrong. Can’t wait to get away to other such places where a million and more stars come out at night.

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. It is one cool theme. Do check it out.