Tapping into the New Year at Crossroads

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New Years at CrossroadsWe thought better of crashing our neighbors party and instead ushered in the New Year at the Crossroads Brewing Company.

Cisy and Brian Mahoney of Athens N.Y. weren’t drinking our selection of suds, pints of Black Rock Stout, but they had adopted a Golden Retriever from Peppertree Farms a year ago so we knew we had something in common. They pulled up their chairs next to George and I as we sat listening to the D.J. and enjoying a complementary buffet spread.

An informal discussion on what started as a reflection on local news, specifically Channel 6, quickly expanded into a wonderful synopsis of a documentary about Mahoney’s nephew Luke and his farming family. Such is the friendly and free-to-be vibe you’ll get at this artisan beer house on the Hudson river in Athens, NY.

Cisy pointed out that after a year of renovating the Brooks Opera House, Crossroads opened in 2010 with 7 barrels and a small tasting room. Renovations continued into a full kitchen and restaurant by 2012. Her and Brian live just up the street and easily make the stroll down the hill for Brady’s Bay Mussels and a frosty mug. We’ll be doing the same every chance we get.