Traveling Solo in Kutch

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It is not that I seek out to travel solo but solo trips just happen. Like first I thought I was going to Bhutan with my younger nephew but that didn’t happen. In the end the first trip of 2014 was to Kutch, my personal vacation and solo. I will recount conversations that happened because of traveling solo.

1. Somewhere in Kutch

Taxi Driver to me: It is all very nice but Ma’am you should have come with your family …

Me: Yes I know but …

The Road to Narayan Sarovar
The Road to Narayan Sarovar

2. At Narayan Sarovar

Man: Are you a journalist?

Me: No I am not.

Man: With that camera I thought you were!

3. A young Air-force boy in the the same coach of the train while traveling from Ahmebdabad to Bhuj

Boy: Ma’am where are you from?

Me: Gurgaon

Boy: Well you must be working there cause I can recognize a Haryanvi when I see one.

Me: laughs

4. Taxi Driver to me at after coming back from the BSF Check Post

The officer was asking if you are a foreigner! I told him she is traveling alone but she is from Delhi and speaks Hindi.

Low Angle Shot
Am I Scientist?

5. At Great Rann of Kutch

Woman: Are you a scientist?

Me: No

Woman: Well you are sitting on the ground and clicking pictures so I thought you must be conducting research.

So much so for trying for another angle for a photograph!

6. Me taking pictures at the Great Rann of Kutch

A stranger: Ma’am which country you are from?

Me: मैं भारत से हूँ और हिन्दी में बोलते हैं. (I am from India and I speak in Hindi).

7. Again at the great Rann of Kutch two boys come to me and ask

Boys: Can we take your camera and clicked posing with it?

Me: Yes and if you wish you can take pictures with it.

Boys: No ma’am we are happy posing.

All Because of a Tripod!
All Because of a Tripod!

8. Again At Great Rann of Kutch

Girl: Are you a professional photographer?

Me: No I like clicking pictures but I am not a professional.

Girl: Points to the tripod and says- well with all this I thought you must be but you say you are not!

9. At the White Rann Camp Tents, Gorevali Village at Breakfast I got chatting with another woman

Me: Sometimes it is good to travel solo

Woman: Yes you will enjoy particularly if you are a loner!

Me: Scratching my head and thinking if I am a loner, I guess I am a bit of.

At the Rann of Kutch
At the Rann of Kutch

10. And for a change me to a boy at Great Rann of Kutch, he was the quietest boy around, was on cell phone for a while before, I guess with his girlftriend.

Me: Will you click a picture for mine.

Boy: Sure.

I give him my cell phone and stand.

Boy: आप बहुत tension में लग रहे हो (you look so tense)

I burst out laughing!

People were a bit curious about me traveling solo but it was mostly fun. I never once was hassled.