10th Annual Ice Fishing Contest in Lake Luzerne


Amidst bright blue skies, the Lake Luzerne Chamber hosted their annual Mike Guarino Memorial Youth Ice Fishing Contest last weekend. 1st place unfortunately did not go to this little fellow (in photo above) who waited anxiously for a nibble. Here his Dad is casting the first baited hook of the day.

The frozen recreational lake was teeming with overdressed families pulling their angler supplies atop a slushy, soppy surface. Adolescent kids that tired quickly from the challenge banded together for noisy snowmobile rides. Others gravitated to the beach front parking lot for complimentary hot chocolate – and then foolishly tried to carry the lidless beverage back to their fishing holes. They didn’t get far.

Trudging through the thick soupy surface wiped out my beleaguered producer Bob but the UpRiver Cafe offered steaming vats of homemade bean soup, chili and grilled wieners to sustain him. Visit owners Andy and Betsy of the formerly known institution, Papa’s Ice Cream Parlor, for generous portions of everything this Spring.

If you missed the gathering, visit the Regional Chamber of Commerce Facebook site anytime to learn more about this wonderful Adirondack village.