Sky Watch Friday- Up Above the World so High!

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But this post is not about the diamonds in the sky. It is just a view from the high up in a plane. It was the early morning Delhi-Ahmadabad flight.

I took up my first flight in my late twenties! Compare it with my daughter who took it at two years! By now she has started taking my window seat as well. My nephews who are much younger than me know how much I enjoy sitting on the window and they leave it for me! But not my daughter, not yet.

View from a Plane Window
Sky Watch

This was on my flight from Delhi to Ahmadabad. The day break was much more breathtaking but try as I might, I could not capture it. The lights of the plane would reflect in the window and spoil the picture completely. It was only later when it became brighter I stood a chance. I am seriously thinking of buying a point and shoot as they are much more handy in flights than bulky SLRs!

View from Plane
The Day Breaks Softly

The water body appeared quite close to Ahmadabad. I wonder what it is. As a rule, I hate getting up early but if it is an early morning flight, I don’t mind. All I need is a window seat to keep me happy and occupied.

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. Do check it out.